Bednest the ultimate in closeness and flexibilty

I have just discovered this ‘Bednest

Unlike other bedside cribs, you can silently adjust Bednest’s side from fully down, half or fully raised – without leaving your bed – whether it’s to give that reassuring touch, bring your baby into your bed to feed or comfort, or just stay close while baby sleeps safe in their own cosy space.

By having your little one sleep so close and accessible to you, but in its own safe sleep space, you can enjoy the reassurance, bonding and ease of co-sleeping without any associated risks – as recommended by health experts.

Ease of reaching baby is particularly ideal for when first recovering from  birth, or after a C-section, and makes it easier for breastfeeding. It’s also great for eye contact and easy reassuring strokes that can help make for better sleep for both mum, baby and the family.

Bednest can also be used stand-alone if you decide the time is right, and it folds down easily to take with you for a night or a week away from home,  maintaining a familiar ‘nest’ for your baby. 

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McFly’s Tom Fletcher has a hypnobirthing baby Boy!

On March 14th 2014 Tom Fletcher and Giovanna gave birth to a baby boy using hypnobirthing techniques that they learnt with London Hypnobirthing.

It is so lovely to see hypnobirthing being shown in the media and its huge benefits for a calm and comfortable birth for both mum and baby.

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Length of pregnancy can vary by up to five weeks

A report by scientists has discovered something that we have been teaching with hypnobirthing for years now – that the length of pregnancy differs from woman to woman and can be as much as five weeks out!

The report confirms what we have always known at Reading Hypnobirthing:

Although it has always been known that human pregnancies usually last between 37 and 42 weeks, the variation has previously been attributed to imperfect methods of estimating due dates.

A woman’s due date is calculated as 280 days after the onset of her last menstruation and is only ever considered a best guess. Only four per cent of women deliver on their due date and only 70 per cent within 10 days of it. 

However researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) were able to pinpoint the moment women became pregnant by taking daily urine samples – enabling them to isolate the role that natural variation plays in pregnancy length.

In a group of 125 women, they found the average time from ovulation to birth was 268 days – 38 weeks and two days – and that the length of pregnancies varied by as much as 37 days, according to the research, published today in the journal Human Reproduction.

To read the full article that reinforces our Hypnobirthing message that – BABY COMES WHEN BABY IS READY!


NHS Study tests the effectiveness of Hypnobirthing

An NHS study is looking into the effectiveness of Hypnobirthing for mums and their babies.

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme and designed to help you have the most natural birth possible using simple but specifically tailored self-hypnosis, visualisation and relaxation & breathing techniques.

It teaches you and your birth companion how your body is perfectly designed to birth your baby & how to release any fear or anxiety you may feel about the birth of your baby, so you can have a more comfortable birth.

You will discover that childbirth does not have to be accompanied with severe pain.

You will be fully in control throughout labour and simply profoundly relaxed. Hypnobirthing provides an invaluable role for your birth companion, who will be fully involved helping and supporting you throughout the process so they are not just an onlooker.

Lastly, Hypnobirthing teaches you to let go of all prior programming about birth, to trust your body and work with it when labour begins. It gives you a range of tools to choose from that best suit you, because there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to having a baby.

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The Wise Hippo Birthing Program

The Wise Hippo Limited has been set up by two highly experienced Antenatal educators, Tamara Cianfini, Director of Birth Easy Limited and Dany Griffiths, Director of Tums 2 Mums. Both are Hypnobirthing mothers and have many years of experience in educating and helping pregnant women and their partners to have a more comfortable and positive birth experience.

We are passionate about supporting women and their partners with their birth preparations and we want to help others fulfil that passion too.

Our company provides top quality training and resources for our instructors and professionally produced materials for parents to be.


This brand new Hypnobirthing programme has just been launched in the UK by two very experienced Ante Natal educators, and I am delighted to announce that I will be teaching this programme soon.


To find out about this training program soon  to be taught by Reading HypnoBirthing look here:

The Wise Hippo Birthing Program





HRH Prince George Alexander Louis

Every babies birth is wonderful and this birth is no exception.

What a wonderful picture of the new arrival for Kate and William. Congratulations to them both.

There has been much speculation as to whether Kate used hypnobirthing for the smooth arrival of their baby. It is something which we will never be sure of but to see how rested and comfortable Kate looks only a short while after his birth is a strong indication that she had a comfortable and easy birth, free of any complications.