Bednest the ultimate in closeness and flexibilty

I have just discovered this ‘Bednest

Unlike other bedside cribs, you can silently adjust Bednest’s side from fully down, half or fully raised – without leaving your bed – whether it’s to give that reassuring touch, bring your baby into your bed to feed or comfort, or just stay close while baby sleeps safe in their own cosy space.

By having your little one sleep so close and accessible to you, but in its own safe sleep space, you can enjoy the reassurance, bonding and ease of co-sleeping without any associated risks – as recommended by health experts.

Ease of reaching baby is particularly ideal for when first recovering from  birth, or after a C-section, and makes it easier for breastfeeding. It’s also great for eye contact and easy reassuring strokes that can help make for better sleep for both mum, baby and the family.

Bednest can also be used stand-alone if you decide the time is right, and it folds down easily to take with you for a night or a week away from home,  maintaining a familiar ‘nest’ for your baby. 

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