Help Combat Morning Sickness and Queasiness in Pregnancy

Morning Sickness and Queasiness in pregnancy is quite a common problem in the early stages of pregnancy and for some can last the whole 9 months. It can be a very debilitating problem and is something I see often in my therapy room as a hypnotherapist as many women try to overcome this problem.

Some natural remedies that you can try first is:

Ginger – Ginger can offer a soothing solution to morning sickness.

You could try ginger biscuits eaten on rising in the morning and nibbled throughout the day if needed. Ginger capsules are also available from health food stores, ‘Lamberts’ do a good quality capsule.  Ginger root tea which is caffeine free is also a good solution which can also be found in helth food stores.

Acupressure – The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence advises that acupressure on the wrist may be an effective way in reducing symptoms of nausea in pregnancy. ‘Sea Band Mama’ is a drug free morning sickness relief band that stimulates your acupressure points. This product can be found on-line

B Vitamins – A possible cause of morning sickness is low levels of Vitamin B6. Foods that are high in Vitamin B6 are Potatoes, whole-grain bread, wholegrain cereals, Bananas, milk and soya beans. B6 is also available as a supplement but check before taking any vitamins with your doctor first.


If you find that the nausea is not helped with the above suggestions then Hypnotherapy could help. Hypnotherapy is also very effective in helping with the symptoms of morning sickness as it helps to calm the mind and ensure that anxiety and negative beliefs are not causing the symptoms.