Kate Middleton to use HypnoBirthing

Kate Middleton to use HypnoBirthing
The Duchess of Cambridge to use HypnoBirthing®


It is reported that Kate Middleton is thinking of using  HypnoBirthing®-The Mongan Method to have a relaxed and comfortable birth of her and Williams baby. HypnoBirthing® uses Relaxation techniques, Breathing techniques, Visualisation and Hypnosis to eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome that creates pain. If there is fear in the mind this then creates tension in the body and then pain. HypnoBirthing® helps to eliminate fear and give women back the belief and trust in their bodies to birth naturally.

Using HypnoBirthing®– The Mongan Method allows your birth to be a joyful, empowering and calm one for both mother and baby. It is wonderful to know that the Duchess of Cambridge is looking after the best interests of her baby and its safe entry into the world and trusts in her own ability and that of her body to birth without pain or drugs.

HypnoBirthing®also gives the husband an active role in supporting his wife and protecting the best interest of his baby.

Other people like Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr have used HypnoBirthing®to assist them without fantastic results.

I hope we soon hear that Kate is starting to learn HypnoBirthing®and by doing so she empowers all women to follow her lead and start to trust and believe in their birthing bodies.