Prenatal and Postnatal OCD

Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (OCD) during pregnancy and after having a baby develops when Mums are naturally focused on the safety and wellbeing of their developing child. Anxiety concerning this high level of responsibility where most women become a lot more concerned about protecting their baby and how their actions can impact on their unborn child. It is also a time of increased stress, major physical change and transition to a new role which can increase vulnerability to developing difficulties and lead to OCD.

Until recently not a lot of research or attention has been given to OCD in pregnant or new mothers but it is thought now that it affects 2-4% of all new mothers.

OCD in mothers can be focussed on cleaning and hygiene but can also be a fear of harming the newborn baby or being responsible for accidental harm to the baby.

Hypnotherapy uses strategies to reduce the stress and fear in pregnancy and as a new mother and helps to break any unwanted habits and negative thought processes.