What’s it like for a father to delivery his own baby?

I have just read another interesting story that I wanted to share about a precipitate labour ( a labour lasting for 3 hours or less) where the father assisted in the birth of his son. It is very rare in a first pregnancy for a precipitate labour and only about two per cent of births in Britain are precipitate.

There wasn’t enough time in this birth for midwives to be on the scene so the father phoned 999 and was guided by the operator on how to help deliver their baby when it was clear that the baby’s head was out and an ambulance wouldn’t be there quick enough either!

The couple had attended a HypnoBirthing course and were well prepared in relaxation and allowing her body to birth her baby naturally with breathing techniques, visualisation, relaxation and  hypnosis. The birth lasted 1 hour and 40  minutes from the first contraction until birth. As with all HypnoBirth labours the mum is very relaxed and calm and is often more advanced than she thinks due to feeling so comfortable and calm.

Anna said:

It really didn’t cross my mind that I was actually giving birth until I felt the head. What I know now is that instinct just takes over. So there wasn’t really time to panic, or even wonder if James was up to coping.


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