Dad's View

It is often the dads that are reluctant to attend a hypnobirthing course with their partners as they believe it is all script reading, joss stick burning and chanting!

These dads-to-be who have attend the courses give their view of how they found hypnobirthing.

Gareth, Reading

When I first found out about Hypnobirth, I wasn't sure what it would entail and to be honest, I thought like the Ronseal adverts, does what it says on the tin.

We found out about it through a friend from school, who per chance we met in Caversham and after seeing the leaflet on Hyno Birth and what it can offer, I was happy for us to go with it, as it could only aid us in the experience we will be going through. Thoughts of hippy yoga and chanting did cross my mind.

I found after the first session that it was a little of what I expected, yes there were breathing and mediation, and while I am not a Yoga type of person, again, I am open minded enough to go with it and take on board what I needed in order to support my wife.

As the course ended, I felt I came out knowing much more and gained a much more positive outlook to the experience of child birth and also how to approach it. The 'tools' you learn, are not just useful in the birthing experience but can be applied to all manor of life experiences you may go through.

To any potential fathers who feel they may not want to come or its too hippy, new age or mumbo jumbo; they need to bear in mind that you are expected to play a role in the birthing of your child. You may not be the Yoga/Meditation type, but what you get out of the course is a personal view of how it will be when your wife goes in to labour and gives birth. You realise that it doesnt have to be a clinical experience, you can be apart of this, make choices that will help you, the mother and the baby.

As I am currently in the middle of an NCT class, I can look back on our course and feel this offers a better alternative to ask questions, to understand things and being at Louises' home, you feel more at ease and relaxed.

Ben, Tilehurst

I wasn't really sure what to expect when she mentioned the classes to me. It wasn't something I had heard of before and when I looked it up online there were so many different opinions on it that I came away less informed than I was before. My attitude throughout has been that Nikki has the most difficult part to play in this whole experience, so anything that will make it easier for her I was willing to try.

What I took away from it was that some of it was stuff that I discovered I had been doing all along, like putting on a positive persona to protect myself from the negative attitudes of others (what I call my 'armour' when dealing with difficult clients at work). Other stuff was useful ideas such as going into the experience with a positive outlook instead of going into it expecting things to be painful or difficult.

It was also good to meet other people who were in the same position as us and just talk about some of our hopes and fears together. Most of all I think it was useful to have two and a half hours a week where we just sat and relaxed - and Louise's brownies were pretty good too! I'd definitely mention the idea of it to friends having kids in the future - just as an alternative to the fairly cold and impersonal information sessions we had with the doctors at the hospital if nothing else.

Tim, Bracknell

I approached hypnobirthing with open scepticism. I associated "hypno" with the stage shows where some charlatan "hypnotises" a member of the audience and makes them bark like a dog !

I did not let this preconception stop me from signing up for the classes, my wife and I had discussed hypnobirthing and it was clear this was important to her.

We left the first session and I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly it was evident my wife found it to be beneficial and secondly I had found it to be educational. Less "hypno", more positive mental attitude which is something I am a believer in.

To sum up, my initial scepticism was misguided and I would recommend hynobirthing to anybody who wanted to approach childbirth from a non traditional direction.

James, Theale

I went into Hypnobirthing with very little understanding of what it was all about. Lindsay had researched it but could never quite explain what the whole thing was about.

The word “Hypno” conjured up thoughts of sitting around a fire, glazy eyed and chanting together! I’m pleased to say only the fire bit was correct, and Hypnobirthing was a real eye opener into the world of drug free, stress free, natural birthing.

After watching the videos of others giving birth using the techniques and hearing the success stories, I was amazed this isn’t more widely known. It just makes sense. 

I have since told friends about it who have started to look into it for their upcoming births,  and I can only hope ours goes as well as our birth plan sounds! 

Thanks for all your help and support! x

Simon, Caversham

I, personally, would wholeheartedly recommend Louise’s hypnobirthing classes for anyone looking to gain confidence before reaching the later stages of pregnancy.

I agreed to attend Louise’s classes at the request of my wife, taking the opinion that if hypnobirthing is something that helps her, it’s worth doing – not actually expecting to take anything from it myself. But by the end of the 4 classes I felt empowered and enabled to handle anything that was asked of me during labour, moreso than with any of the other more ‘common’ antenatal classes we attended.

As a vigorously practical man, I admit I thought hypnobirthing was going to be more about ‘feelings’ than anything else – but in practice my role as ‘birth partner’ became elevated to a new level of importance by the time my wife and I finished the course. I enjoyed the relaxation exercises and positive messages you’re encouraged to experience during the lessons, but I also realised that though my wife would be conducting the physical ‘act’ – I was an essential part of what was going to happen, far more than she or I had originally thought. 

Our birth did not go to plan. We quickly went from being set up for a home birth to experiencing two days of latent labour in hospital which ended in chemical induction. But before we hit that stage, hypnobirthing skills encouraged us to constantly search for the option that best suited us. We ended up speaking to Louise, independent midwives, NCT tutors and our hospital to uncover the best (and safest) course for our specific needs and wants. Without hypnobirthing, I believe we would simply of called the hospital and got them to take charge of our experience – ripping the sense of ownership away from what is a truly life-changing event. 

Though the birth of our son did not come about in the way we had hoped and expected, I believe what we did encounter in terms of ongoing complications throughout labour was made a far more positive experience thanks to hypnobirthing. Though elements were out of our control, I strongly believe we still had a hypnobirth; there was dim light, music, relaxation, laughter and chatter throughout, and I went from a man squeamish about the sight of blood to cutting the cord and holding our newborn son seconds later.

If there’s ever anything I could recommend to help you gain ownership of your pregnancy it would be hypnobirthing (even if your house will become littered with birth affirmations), and Louise is a really great person to learn with.